Jail To The Hag???

So now the Feds have the famous Clinton private server with the Top Secret e-mails…

The thing to remember: the utter odium in which Obozo and Hitlery hold each other.

Obama, to paraphrase Heinlein, is a size 13 ego stuffed into a size 3 soul. (Hillary is that also, plus a heavy dose of powerlust.) He is a small, petty, misogynistic man of no character. His Justice Department, under Eric Holder’s WORSE successor, will be hard-put not to prosecute, because POTUS would just as soon sink his party and even his beloved Ayersean Progressive agenda to destroy a bitter enemy.

With Hillary out of the way, the Bill Ayers wing of the Democrats, in the person of Bernie Sanders, will be in control. (I don’t give Joe Biden much chance unless Hillary’s puppet masters want to put him up as their ‘establishment’ candidate. O’Malley et al same thing: no mo, no dough.) They are the true believers, Marxists and Fabians to the core, with USSR underwear in their sock drawer. They will nominate, and select, Sanders. He will run… but he will lose: the only Republicans who couldn’t hand Bernie his keister in a debate are Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. Since Mitt’s not running and The Donald has sucked all the oxygen out of Jeb’s room, it ain’t going to be a slugfest but a stompout.

If the world doesn’t fall apart between now and 11/16–which it very well might, but that’s another subject–the Democrats will reveal their true Marxist roots. It hasn’t been Scoop Jackson’s party since the ’72 convention, and the New Deal is a distant memory, fading as the people who lived through the Great Depression die off. 2016 is the Year of Reckoning for this nation; the year we decide once and for all: are we the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, or the land of the Freebie and the home of the Slave?


About depwavid

Contradictory facts: 1). I have Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism characterized by a total lack of social sense and the unique ability to beat a dead horse into individual component atoms; 2). I'm an NRA Life Member who thinks the NRA doesn't go far enough in protecting the Second Amendment.; 3). I'm a MENSA-qualified genius who let his membership lapse; 4). I'm a committed Christian; 5). I'm an equally committed libertarian. 6). I admire the writings of Robert Heinlein and L.Neil Smith, but not those of Dietrich Bonhoffer, Hannah Hurnard, or Oswald Chambers; 7). I enjoyed reading Hilaire Belloc's book on the Reformation, although I disagreed with 70-80% of his premises, and... 8). There's a lot more; I'm really impossible to categorize. Maybe I'll tell you later...
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