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A Libertarian’s Seven Deadly Sins and Ten Commandments

A Libertarian’s Seven Deadly Sins: 1). Initiation of force, in person or by proxy; 2). Theft; 3). Murder; 4) Deception for personal gain; 5) Taxation, with or without representation; 6) Failure to exercise due vigilance against one’s government; 7) Failure … Continue reading

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To Miss The Point (a Sort-of-Review of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’)

There is so much about which to editorialize in our open-air laugh academy of a society that I find I must pick and choose my subjects, or I forget to do ‘important’ stuff, like feed the animals, walk the dog, … Continue reading

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A Politically Incorrect Drinking Song for Libertarians and Conservatives

A truly great saloon song(Category Five NC-17 warning!)  came my way on YouTube . It’s called “B*gger Off”and, if you can get past the quarterdeck language, it’s a ROFLYAO kind of ditty. Anyone who has dealt with obnoxious drunks can … Continue reading

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On Sapience, Politics, Economics And (Space Alien)Religion

I had stuff to do today. The van that’s old enough to get its own Concealed Carry license drank some rainwater thanks to a a lost gas cap. I have to put on a fuel filter and purge the forward … Continue reading

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Jail To The Hag???

So now the Feds have the famous Clinton private server with the Top Secret e-mails… The thing to remember: the utter odium in which Obozo and Hitlery hold each other. Obama, to paraphrase Heinlein, is a size 13 ego stuffed … Continue reading

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The Bugger’s Dilemma: On Homosexual Recruitment

This post is one of those posts that, distasteful as it may be, one simply has to write, due to a nasty personal experience in my youth intersecting with the recent capitulation of the Boy Scouts to the Rainbow Fascists … Continue reading

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