More Motorcycle Madness

I just took the black bike, newly gussied up with ape hangars, diode taillights and a properly aligned chain-and-sprocket assembly, out for a short test run. From this short jaunt, l learned three things: 1), our new outdoor cat, T-Bob Cat-Underfoot Esquire, hates motorcycle noise; 2) the bike is scary-fast now, and 3) motorcycles are a great way to beat the heat… until you reach a stop sign.

None of these observations really relate to the never-ending parade of government silliness we have recently observed back at the old address. The Panama City Beach City Council, because of several factors–ID10T error by riders and drivers, disgruntled morons who forget they were once young, stupid(er) and liked thrills, and politicians afflicted with Dosomething’s Syndrome–decided to arbitrarily put the scooter-rental businesses out of business over 3 years, with an immediate ban on new registrations of rental scooters. In response, the owner of one of the rental businesses is running against one of the coprocephalics who voted for the ban, and I support the business owner (or would if I still lived out there).

What I don’t support is the notion that we need cities regulating rental businesses, period. If this is a legitimate function of government–a point I don’t concede–it belongs at the state level if at all.

The seldom-enforced, unlamented Tenth Amendment would seem to require as much:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. [Emphasis mine]

Odd that I don’t see anything about cities, counties, taxing districts, or zones, but I couldn’t see any ’emanations of the penumbra’ either, unlike certain erstwhile Supreme Court justices. That is how far we have retrogressed in this country; when the Tenth Amendment was ratified, folks were like as not to heat up the tar and raid the pillows for feathers when officious officials started talking about telling them how or if they could run their businesses. That custom declined, and government metastasized.


About depwavid

Contradictory facts: 1). I have Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism characterized by a total lack of social sense and the unique ability to beat a dead horse into individual component atoms; 2). I'm an NRA Life Member who thinks the NRA doesn't go far enough in protecting the Second Amendment.; 3). I'm a MENSA-qualified genius who let his membership lapse; 4). I'm a committed Christian; 5). I'm an equally committed libertarian. 6). I admire the writings of Robert Heinlein and L.Neil Smith, but not those of Dietrich Bonhoffer, Hannah Hurnard, or Oswald Chambers; 7). I enjoyed reading Hilaire Belloc's book on the Reformation, although I disagreed with 70-80% of his premises, and... 8). There's a lot more; I'm really impossible to categorize. Maybe I'll tell you later...
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