I’m Feeling Old

I can remember those same times the author of the above article remembers. In 1980 I wrote stories about a society that lost its curiosity, declined, and required a bloody revolution to get back on track.

Now I’m watching things I predicted in my stories turn from fiction into headlines, with political correctness being the foremost of those things. I recently reconstructed one of those stories(novel-length) from memory, and was scared by its almost prophetic quality.

The villains of the piece I called Eco-Socialists, but today we call them Progressives, environmentalists, or Al Gore. Most were wealthy or at least comfortable, and they all manipulated the masses to amass and retain power. I figured that, in the ‘real’ world, they’d gradually lose influence and become a pathetic, hectoring bunch of fruitcakes nobody listened to and most people despised, but the actual result is closer to what I wrote: a soul-sucking nanny state where the environment is god, frequently granted lip service but actually given the respect dogs give trees and fireplugs, and the government its consort, the true master and deity of the world. Mind you, this book was drafted before I was familiar with the Apocalypse of St. John, more commonly known as Revelation.

One of the first things the bad guys in my book did was attempt to shut down any space travel, manned or otherwise, outside Earth orbit: if you want to be world dictator, you can’t give many people the opportunity to get off your world. (Satellites for communication and spying were fine with them… something else I got right, alas.)  But one good guy,( kind of like John Galt… which is odd, because I still haven’t read Atlas Shrugged) two talking dolphins, and one of the bad girls who got the dirty end of the stick from her superiors, managed to bust loose, pep up the counterrevolution, and get the interstellar drive working in time to save the world from a new, darker Dark Ages.

(I recently finished the book, but it’s NC-17 and not exactly Levitical, although the protagonist is explicitly a churchgoer and saved. Caveat emptor when I get it on Amazon Kindle, assuming the Apocalypse doesn’t come first.)

But, book or not, I feel depressed to have been so right. The Apocalypse predicts that the beast will make war on the saints and defeat them. (I hope this is out of context or refers to something symbolic, but recent events and the ineffable stupidity of our leaders are no cause for hope.) How odd that so many atheist sf writers–Wells, Orwell, Huxley, Hubbard before he went bananas and founded a screwball cult–predicted a dystopian future that closely mirrors the structure of the Revelation before the Return of Christ!

For the first time in my life I feel my age, and I don’t know whether to sit around and let history unfold as all indicators say that it will in the hope that I don’t live to experience the hell on earth that I see coming, to hope for the Rapture of the Church and the first plane out of here, or to be a mean s.o.b. who hangs around with the avowed intent of making the Progs, the Greens, and the Commies fearful, miserable, and dead for what they’ve done to us.

Any thoughts?

About depwavid

Contradictory facts: 1). I have Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism characterized by a total lack of social sense and the unique ability to beat a dead horse into individual component atoms; 2). I'm an NRA Life Member who thinks the NRA doesn't go far enough in protecting the Second Amendment.; 3). I'm a MENSA-qualified genius who let his membership lapse; 4). I'm a committed Christian; 5). I'm an equally committed libertarian. 6). I admire the writings of Robert Heinlein and L.Neil Smith, but not those of Dietrich Bonhoffer, Hannah Hurnard, or Oswald Chambers; 7). I enjoyed reading Hilaire Belloc's book on the Reformation, although I disagreed with 70-80% of his premises, and... 8). There's a lot more; I'm really impossible to categorize. Maybe I'll tell you later...
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