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The Stopped Clock is Right Again

Every time I think the American Oligarchical Collective has surpassed itself in silliness, along comes something like this: I read it, and the goosies who started this teapot-typhoon got one thing right: “Dvorak suggested men should ‚Äústep up and … Continue reading

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Some Correction Fluid for Political Correctness

As a frustrated writer who’s been creating novella/novel-length science fiction since before graduating ninth grade(but publishing none of it, probably because of Asperger’s–now called Autism Spectrum Disorder), I’ve been half-gratified and half-horrified to see some of my predictions come true … Continue reading

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Bernie Enables Victim Disarmers

I’ve unhappily watched the apparent march-to-coronation of Hitlery Clinton ever since the harridan announced her campaign. She lacks the sociopathic charm of her wandering husband, and it is not difficult to sense, from her body-language and manner of speech, that … Continue reading

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The Progressive Morality Play, Act ‘Hulk Hogan’

Hulk Hogan got Paula Deened yesterday. A Paula Deening is defined as an event whereby a public figure, whose opinions Progressives don’t like, is caught in the Progressive Thought-Crime Justice system, usually by saying or doing something at which Progressives … Continue reading

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Of Fags, Of Mules, and Of Dolphins: The Iron Pot Calls the Porcelain Sink Black [WARNING: NC-17 content]

[WARNING: SOME READERS MAY FIND THIS CONTENT OFFENSIVE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.] I’ve held off on this article for well over a year because the Supreme Court’s sodomite/catamite marriage ruling hadn’t come down, and further held off for most … Continue reading

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More Motorcycle Madness

I just took the black bike, newly gussied up with ape hangars, diode taillights and a properly aligned chain-and-sprocket assembly, out for a short test run. From this short jaunt, l learned three things: 1), our new outdoor cat, T-Bob … Continue reading

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I’m Feeling Old I can remember those same times the author of the above article remembers. In 1980 I wrote stories about a society that lost its curiosity, declined, and required a bloody revolution to get back on track. Now I’m watching … Continue reading

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