The Fruit of Pacificism

Recently I visited my surviving family members in Colorado, who are suffering under the maladministration of Governor John Hickenlooper, a typical Democrat with typical Democrat positions: antigun, pro-Prohibition(I guess it’s ok to own a brewery and condemn the legalization of pot), and pro-Green.[Check Wikipedia for my source for this entry.] There is a consistent thread here: one of personal philosophical opposition to the personal freedoms of other people. (This used to be called totalitarianism before the progressives realized that people in general would not rise up and enslave themselves unless progressives could redefine slavery as freedom.)

When I was earning two marine biology degrees, I turned over numerous rocks to see what lived underneath. When I started researching Hickenloopy (who wouldn’t have been elected if a Muslim appointment-seeker hadn’t lied through his teeth to the Denver Post about Hickey’s Republican opponent:check out,_muslim_family_sabotaged_gop_in_colorado_in_2010/page/full/for my source on this), I noticed the process was not too much different between field biology and political commentary, except that the rocks are in cyberspace and the sublithic denizens are ideas.

Let’s compare two politicians: Hickenloser and Richard Nixon. Both disliked personal firearms. Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency; Hickenlooper pushed green initiatives as mayor of Denver. Nixon pushed the War on Drugs; Hickenlooper opposed the decriminalization of marijuana.

That’s a lot of common ground between a progressive Democrat and the Republican who had to resign the presidency. Kinda strange, no?

There is another common thread: both Nixon and Hickenlooper were raised Quaker.

And what is the significance here? This: the purest form of Quakerism raises pacifism to an article of faith through a radical misinterpretation of Jesus’ teaching about turning the other cheek. Quaker thinking insists on a complete submission to the casual predations of the callous and the criminal. Both Nixon and Hickenlooper seem to have thought that this cowardly heresy so morally superior that they wished to foist it on the rest of society at large; apparently the misery of believing that you have no rights loves the company of forcing that wretched state upon everyone else who disagrees.

The early Quakers merely wanted to live like Christ. However, they read the Bible too simply and without wisdom, failing to understand that Jesus’ words often constitute a form of reducto ad absurdum argument against the righteousness by works doctrine of his day. The Quakers thus missed grace and created a new set of human traditions and doctrines-one that has failed every time it has been tried. (Research Quaker ideas about crime and punishment, and you will find the roots of our currently disastrous incarceration policies.)

Coloradoans have to endure Hickenlooney until the next election. For the sake of my family, I hope they give the Hick an early and obscure electoral retirement.


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Contradictory facts: 1). I have Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism characterized by a total lack of social sense and the unique ability to beat a dead horse into individual component atoms; 2). I'm an NRA Life Member who thinks the NRA doesn't go far enough in protecting the Second Amendment.; 3). I'm a MENSA-qualified genius who let his membership lapse; 4). I'm a committed Christian; 5). I'm an equally committed libertarian. 6). I admire the writings of Robert Heinlein and L.Neil Smith, but not those of Dietrich Bonhoffer, Hannah Hurnard, or Oswald Chambers; 7). I enjoyed reading Hilaire Belloc's book on the Reformation, although I disagreed with 70-80% of his premises, and... 8). There's a lot more; I'm really impossible to categorize. Maybe I'll tell you later...
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