No, this isn’t a draft notice. It’s the first entry in a new blog dedicated to the radical proposition that faith in Christ and libertarian philosophy are not only compatible, but that the latter derives naturally and properly from the former.

In my life, faith/salvation came on the first Wednesday in January 1984. Liberty came later, around 1999, through the writings of L Neil Smith, specifically his seminal novel, THE PROBABILITY BROACH. Politically, I was very conservative, but the transition proved easy.

This change put my politics in conflict with what I thought my faith demanded and what I thought the Bible taught. After much prayer and careful study, I found I Samuel 8, read it, and realized how true my Lord’s words were when he spoke of “traditions and doctrines of men, which make the Word of none effect.”

To wit: a foolish decision by ancient Israelites set humanity under a curse that was not lifted until the second of July, 1776 (look it up).

Now I’ve got your attention! Good! But don’t take my word for it! I humbly request that you read I Samuel 8 and the Declaration of Independence. Then see if you reach the same conclusion. I’ll go into more detail in a future post.


About depwavid

Contradictory facts: 1). I have Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism characterized by a total lack of social sense and the unique ability to beat a dead horse into individual component atoms; 2). I'm an NRA Life Member who thinks the NRA doesn't go far enough in protecting the Second Amendment.; 3). I'm a MENSA-qualified genius who let his membership lapse; 4). I'm a committed Christian; 5). I'm an equally committed libertarian. 6). I admire the writings of Robert Heinlein and L.Neil Smith, but not those of Dietrich Bonhoffer, Hannah Hurnard, or Oswald Chambers; 7). I enjoyed reading Hilaire Belloc's book on the Reformation, although I disagreed with 70-80% of his premises, and... 8). There's a lot more; I'm really impossible to categorize. Maybe I'll tell you later...
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